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Embark on a cinematic time travel trip as we delve into the heart of our era's critical inquiry: What is sustainability?

Uncover the challenges, revel in groundbreaking discoveries, and connect with the personal stories that shape our quest for a more sustainable world. This unique exploration not only takes you through time but also delves deeply into the pressing issues that demand our attention and action.

Produced and Directed by Gabriela Rocha Caballero and Ryan Yoshimoto.

Music: Yoshimoto Music.

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COVOLV, Teaser.

Teaser for worldwide documentary series on the best in Sustainable Developments, Sustainable Design, eco-communities, eco-resorts, national and international efforts, highlighting personal choices by pioneering entrepreneurs who endeavor to create a beautiful, sustainable and attainable future.

Permaculture Heroes Vol. 1

Permaculture Heroes Vol 1, the first minidoc in this series, serves as a brief introduction to permaculture. It features legendary permaculturist Larry Santoyo and Tosepan Titataniske, an extraordinary cooperative. This cooperative is one of the most advanced examples of cooperation and sustainable practices in the Sierra of Puebla, Mexico.

COVOLV, Cuetzalan.

Cuetzalan is a magical town located in the state of Puebla, just a few hours from Mexico City. Almost untouched by the modern world, this town has preserved and protected its natural environment and cultural heritage. More than ever, Cuetzalan is embracing, maintaining, and steadily advancing towards an even more sustainable and autonomous future.

COVOLV, Tosepan Titataniske.

The 'Tosepan Titataniske' ('Together we will succeed' in Nahuatl) is a cooperative formed to address the scarcity and high cost of basic products and commodities in the area. Currently, the organization's influence extends across 290 communities in 22 municipalities in the northeastern highlands of the state of Puebla. Approximately 22 thousand families of Nahuat and Totonac origin are partners of this organizational effort.

COVOLV, The Goddess Garden & La Diosa Eco Resort, Cahuita, Lemon. Costa Rica.

In 2004, Jacqueline and Marcelo established these Caribbean-style hotels, choosing to protect the jungle while sharing their beautiful land with the conscious traveler at a fair price. Hotel La Diosa is a beachfront property featuring handmade Caribbean-style bungalows.

The Goddess Garden hosts Yoga teacher certifications, yoga and dance retreats, spiritual retreats, workshops, eco-tours to the Bribri reserve, and adventure getaways. These offerings cater to travelers eager to immerse themselves in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, experiencing the Howler monkey corridor, tree sloths, and bird watching amidst grand trees, lush jungle, and ocean views.

The Goddess Garden, nestled deep in the jungle, functions as an eco-resort and spiritual center. It includes a business center, a healing spa, a palapa yoga room, and a stunning yoga studio—the ideal place for meditation and blending with the jungle sounds.

Music: "Winds of Waipio" Yoshimoto Music.

COVOLV, Los Angeles Eco-Village.

An interview with Lois Arkin. Lois is the founder and Executive Director of CRSP, the initial developer of the Los Angeles Eco-Village a model of urban sustainability and neighborhood cooperatives.

Lois provides public tours of L.A. Eco-Village, consults with intentional communities, ecovillages and cohousing communities on process and development issues, and gives public talks on Los Angeles Eco-Village for a diverse number of organizations, conferences, fairs, and festivals. She is also a passionate advocate for reducing auto ownership and dependency in Los Angeles and helping groups to transform their urban neighborhoods into more sustainable communities.  


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