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Soulful Cacao and Geotourism Adventure Retreat.

A Pilgrimage to the Puuc Route: Journeying through Ancient Maya Culture.

Reconnect with Your Authentic Self, Awaken Your Heart, and Savor the Journey of a Traditional Cacao Ceremony in Uxmal and the Puuc Route. Learn in the land of the Mayas, who adored nature and sought to live in total harmony.

Breathe in Serenity and Exhale Adventure, Blending with Echoes of Ancestry.


Join Gabriela Rocha Caballero, founder of COVOLV, on an unforgettable journey to the Archaeological Site of Uxmal, a UNESCO World Heritage site.



Inside your hot chocolate or cacao milkshake lies a tradition rich with culture. A cup of ceremonial cacao shared with friends and good conversation guides you to find inner peace and connect with a higher consciousness. Cacao, in particular, impacts our brain's blood flow by widening the blood vessels, allowing more blood and oxygen to reach the brain. This boosts brain health, cognitive function, and attention. A cup of traditional ancestral ceremonial cacao takes us on a journey of happiness. It nourishes your body and soul, providing physical health, invigoration, and spiritual and emotional benefits.

  • After your first cup of ceremonial cacao, you will immediately open your heart, set new year resolutions and trip intentions, and embrace the serene pre-Hispanic magic of this Maya route town. All of these elements will guide you to dive inside your heart and truly listen.

  • This pilgrimage of the soul, set in a lodge located only a few steps from Uxmal, invites you to disconnect and reconnect with nature, embrace togetherness, and delve into the rich heritage of the ancestral Mayan cultures.

  • Discover the essence of Mayan farming and adventure tourism while savoring tropical fruits.

  • Rest, journal, meditate, pray, chant, sleep, and swim while overlooking the top of the Magician Pyramid.


Reserve your spot today for a transformative experience
that nourishes both body and spirit.

Very few spots available.

About The Retreat.

Location: The Lodge at Uxmal.

Uxmal, Yucatan. Mexico. 

Dates: January 26th to February 6th, 2025.

Package: 11 nights, 12 days.

All inclusive Geotourism Package Includes: .​

  • 2-nights, Rustic Luxury Hotel accommodations at Casa de Balam in Merida.

  • 9-nights, Rustic Luxury Lodge accommodations for 9 nights.

Wellness Activities: 

  • 1 Heart-Opening Traditional Cacao Ceremony. 

  • Wake up with the sun, and visit to the Oro Maya, Mayaland Plantation, a guided walking meditation.

Cultural Activities:

  • 2 tailor-made, private guided tours to Uxmal, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • 1 Uxmal: Light and Sound Show. 

  • 1 tailor-made, private guided tour to Puuc Route Archeological Area.

Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism:

  • 1 visit to the Chocolate Museum.

  • 1 vintage Land Rover Experience + Tropical Fruit Tasting: Explore the historic Hacienda Uxmal in an adventure experience while driving a Land Rover Defender Classic vehicle that will lead you through the plantations and grounds of this historic property, take a moment to rest and see the sunset while enjoying Tropical Fruit Tasting.

Give back to the land:

  • Social Responsible Tour | We will be donating School Supplies/clothes to San Simon, a nearby Mayan Community.

All meals:

  • American Breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Delicious, light and healthy traditional regional farm-to-table foods, made with local ingredients.

Private Transportation:

  • Private transportation from the Merida Airport to Casa de Balam. From Casa de Balam to Uxmal and from Uxmal to Merida Airport. (we will coordinate arrivals and departures). 

  • Local Private transportation during the tours in the area. 

Travelers: 12  

Price: $6,500 USD per person.

Your Uxmal Itinerary.

You will return home transformed and ready to implement this collection of knowledge in your everyday life and make a difference.


About this amazing experience. 

Immerse in Nature and History

In beautiful Uxmal, you will discover your own potential and witness the power of self-transformation. This experience will show you a world of mayan living, the true meaning of ecotourism, and the rich pre-Hispanic history of this magical Archaeological area..

Experience Eco Tourism and Rutas Comunitarias

The Lodge will show you tourism in harmony with nature. The hotel was built using eco-techniques, such as the use of alternative materials, rainwater harvesting and waste water treatment system.

Refine Holistic Thinking

You will refine your own ability to see the big picture and interconnections between different aspects of a problem or situation. Look for the opportunities and the diversity of things.

Gain Skills

Sustainable Living
Community Building

24/7 Support 

24/7 dedicated, professional and compassionate concierge support during the retreat.

About your retreat

Gabriela Rocha Caballero.

Founder COVOLV and Suddha Prem and Be a Conscious Traveler .

Gabriela is a Mexican-born artist, author of My Mamas's Healing Soups, recipe developer, creative director, retreat producer and guide, and content creator, currently based in California with about 20+ years of experience in public relations, creative production, and event coordination.

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“A retreat with Gabriela is a TREAT! I attended an intense facilitator’s training and spiritual retreat. That event could have been very difficult not only emotionally but physically as well, but because every detail was thought of and attended I was able to put my thoughts and energies where needed. It was a FIVE STAR week – not only transformative but fun filled. I felt cared for, nurtured and had a blast as well. I was especially grateful to have Gabriela just a phone call away when I missed my flight in Mexico City. Just knowing she was there made a stressful situation much easier. Everything from booking, working out all the logistics, traveling, tours, lodging, food, service and people on my retreat was amazing and YUMMY! Much Love Sister”.

~ Joy Brugh, Medicine Woman and Founder of Women’s Wisdom Coach | CCW Uxmal Retreat with Aravel Garduno.

Uxmal & The Puuc Route. 

in our pilgrimages, retreats, yatras, and eco-tours support the human development of indigenous communities and the future of their projects and programs.

With your support, we ensure the economic freedom of these rural destinations through ecotourism and sustainable models that support early educational, cultural and animal rights education programs, among other needs.

Thank you for traveling with us!

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and Participation


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