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Specialized Ecotour | Companion Rate

  • You must accompany a registered permaculturist.
  • Please send me a note to let me know whom you are accompanying during their Permaculture Immersion.


About The Eco-Tour

Location: Tosepan Kali Eco Hotel.

Cuetzalan del Progreso, Puebla. Mexico. 

Dates: October 18-28, 2024. 

Package: 10 nights, 11 days.

All Inclusive Package Includes:

  • Clean and comfortable hotel accommodations for 10 nights.

  • Natural Building, Natural Farming, Natural Foods & Wellness Eco-Tours.

  • Adventure Tourism.

  • A Rustic Spa Session: Temazcal + Relaxing Tub.

  • Delicious, light and healthy traditional regional farm to table foods, made with local ingredients - all breakfasts, lunches and dinners (except the nights out in town).

  • Local Private transportation.

  • Private Transportation - to and from Cuetzalan. 

Travelers: 12  

Price: $3,500 USD per person.


  • Accompany your permaculturist without the immersion and bask into Tosepan Titataniske's Regenerative Practices and Ecotourism.

    Every other day you will immerse in authentic ecotourism, hands-on learning experiences led by the cooperative members, in a formal yet engaging setting.

    While observing patterns of nature, journaling and relaxing you will master valuable essential skills and reconnect to yourself.

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